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Acne is not just the "plague" of adolescence it is often portrayed to be. Unfortunately, acne and blemishes affect people of all ages. Women commonly report occasional or frequent acne breakouts throughout adulthood. These can be a result of cosmetics, hair products, make-up, and chemical based sunscreens that can clog the pores, among other things. It has also been reported that more than 60% of adult women with acne concerns experience premenstrual flare-ups.

Acne usually begins with the formation of blackheads, which are actually the result of oil and dead cells that get trapped in the pore and block the duct going down to the base of the fine hair follicles, creating an environment where P. acnes bacteria can thrive. The bacteria build up in turn causes swelling and inflammation in the skin.

The SilkPeel Dermalinfusion System, when used with our proprietary Skin Clarifying Pro Infusion Solution, delivers a salicylic acid based formula deep within the surface of the skin to target blemishes while exfoliating your pores inside and out. The SilkPeel clarifying treatment is highly effective due to the combination of 1) exfoliating damaged and irritated skin away, 2) cleansing the skin and follicles of excess sebum and P. acnes buildup, and 3) delivering anti-microbial active ingredients down to the base of the follicle where acne lesions develop. Your SilkPeel professional can also target areas of skin that are not easily treated with topical solutions, such as the shoulders, back and the backs of the arms. To find a doctor in your area specializing in clarifying SilkPeel treatments, click here. Now patients can take home the new Silkpeel Clarifying Acne Treatment Pads as a follow-up to treatments, helping to prevent breakouts and promoting healing between visits.

Age: 17
Number of treatments: 6
After-photo: results achieved in 12 weeks


Age: 14
Number of treatments: 6
After photo: results achieved in 12 weeks